Cookie Policy

I.                 What are cookies

Cookies are small, simple text files that are stored by a browser on your computer or other device which you use to access our website. We use these cookies to optimise use of our website, for example to better match vacancies to our target group.

The storage and use of cookies is done in alignment with the relevant privacy laws. The information gathered by cookies is not linked to name and address data.

Interim Valley is committed to fully informing its website users in respect of the cookies that are used.

II.               Responsibility for data

Interim Valley B.V. is responsible for the processing of data as described in this Cookies Policy.

III.             What kind of cookies do we use?

We make use of a number of different types of cookies with their own purposes:

A.              Functional cookies

We use functional cookies to simplify use of the website for you. For example, functionality regarding the online chat function. We use these to derive information such as whether there is a new visitor to the website.

B.              Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to see how our website is visited, with the aim of improving our service provision. Naturally, this data provided by Google is only used for internal analysis. We have entered into a processing agreement with Google for this purpose. This sets out that we do not share data, nor do we make use of other Google services in combination with the Google Analytics cookies. We have also concealed the last octet of the IP address.

C.              Tracking cookies

We track cookies in order to be able to analyse our recruitment campaigns for job openings, for example. We can use these cookies to, for example, remind you at a later moment of vacancies you have looked when visiting our website.

IV.             Which cookies do we use?

We currently use the following cookies on our website:

  1. LiveChat | Functional cookie
  2. AdForm | Tracking cookie
  3. Google Analytics | Google Analytics cookie

V.              Referral to third parties

On our website, you encounter a number of referrals to third parties, for example to our employees’ portal. When you click on a hyperlink you leave our website. The websites you are referred to are responsible for their own cookies policy.

VI.             Browser settings

You can use your browser settings to elect not to store cookies. You then receive a warning before a cookie is placed. It’s also possible to only refuse third party cookies.

Please note: cookies settings need to be adjusted for each browser:


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