Leaders in Finance

Interim Valley is proud to sponsor the Leaders in Finance podcast.

On Leaders in Finance, Jeroen Broekema delves into the motivations and people behind the financial sector’s leaders on a personal level. Jeroen is convinced that, within the financial sector, we need to talk more. On his podcast, he offers guests plenty of space to tell their story: professional as well as private. The personal approach Jeroen takes, combined with the focus on the financial sector in which Interim Valley works, was the reason we decided to collaborate with Leaders in Finance.

Before starting this podcast, Jeroen Broekema was CEO of Funding Circle Nederland. He started his career at ABN AMRO.

Live Slow Ride Fast

An interview with former professional cyclist and entrepreneur Laurens ten Dam. We speak about Live Your Potential, his own company Live Slow Ride Fast and what kept him going during his career as a cyclist. Laurens finished the Tour de France ten times. In 2017 he supported Tom Dumoulin to his victory in the Giro d’Italia.

Take care of yourself

How do you look after yourself in a step-family with two pre-teens and a toddler? How do you find the space to work four days a week, exercise and maintain a social life? These are the questions that occupy me. To me, taking care of yourself is key.

When I became a mother, taking care of my family came first. I elected for a permanent job in the banking world, because that offered me a certain level of security at the time. Out of fear of losing that safety, I didn’t listen to my own changing needs, and I became stuck in the familiar.

‘To me, taking care of yourself is key’

A loved one became ill and I decided to care for him myself. After his death, I took inventory. I realised that it was also important to look after myself. I started working with a coach and began practicing yoga. My energy started to flow again. I wanted to share this with others! Inspired, I started training to become a coach and a yoga teacher. I also made the call: I quit my job.

In my work as a Recruitment Consultant at Interim Valley, I guide our candidates to a suitable job and I also act as a sparring partner. This is the perfect opportunity for me to combine my experience in the banking world with my ambition to inspire others to get the best out of themselves.

My experiences have made me more aware of what does and doesn’t suit me, and I feel happier in myself. I notice that I can also take better care of my family when I listen closely to my intuition. I have a lot of energy, enjoy the small things in life and can tackle challenging situations with a positive approach. This way of living is what Live Your Potential means to me.

Not tomorrow, but now

Not tomorrow, but now. A small, energetic baby in a loving family in Nieuw-Vennep. Adopted from Medellin, Colombia. As a baby curious, energetic and happy. As a toddler, always covered in bruises and bumps because I explore my physical limitations.

From Rotterdam to Rome

For me, Live Your Potential is cycling from Rotterdam to Rome with 16 friends. 12 days of fun while cycling 200 kilometres per day. I have wonderful memories of this trip conducted in 2010.