Data Analytics & BI

In order to achieve the mission and ambitions of organisations, the right information is needed so that the best decisions can be made. To generate the right information from potentially large quantities of data, several solutions are available.

This starts with the right person, driven to apply their expertise and provide the correct solution. Interim Valley offers its employees the possibility to develop their knowledge in the area of Data Analytics & Business Intelligence. We put organisations in the position to make the best decisions by placing the person who, with their expertise, makes the difference. Interested? Leave a message. Ruben Verkuijl or George Helderman look forward to speaking to you.

Contact us now with your queries or requests

George Helderman

Data Analytics Consultant 020 261 89 53

Ruben Verkuijl

Co-founder 020 261 89 50


From Rotterdam

to Rome

For me, Live Your Potential is cycling from Rotterdam to Rome with 16 friends. 12 days of fun while cycling 200 kilometres per day. I have wonderful memories of this trip conducted in 2010.

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