To improve people’s lives and have a positive impact on our world and planet, that’s our goal. We believe our contribution will make a difference. Small today, significant in the future. That’s our pledge.

Interim Valley was founded in 2012. Ever since, we’ve aspired to help people with personal development, contribute to our clients' success and have a positive impact on the planet. Our Live Your Potential program is at our core, helping people to ignite their lives personally and professionally. We also contribute by giving back and decreasing our footprint. And this is just the beginning. We plan to increase our positive impact by growing our business over the coming decades.

Our Impact in practice…

With different initiatives and projects we give back and contribute. Now and in the future.


1000+ trees planted in 2020

Carbon negative company.

Compensation via Climate Neutral Group

Zero plastic waste.

Initiative: IV beach cleanup

A short history

Diederik and Ruben have built a rock-solid foundation which enables Interim Valley to maximize its impact in the future. A personal approach, with dedication to quality and expertise, means we can make a significant difference.

Ruben: “We are fully dedicated to serving people and having a positive impact on our world by growing our business. That’s not only our goal, it’s our responsibility. This purpose drives us every day.”

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The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Our mission? To help you do this.

If you know your talents, what gives you energy and what drives you, you are more motivated and inspired.