BI Specialist

40 HBO,WO Amsterdam

We are hiring a Business Intelligence Specialist (/Data Analyst). Do you have comprehensive experience as a BI Specialist and extensive knowlegde of PowerBI? Let's have a coffee and discuss the opportunities.

The Private Banking department of our client (Dutch international bank) is looking for you to join the Data & Innovation team. You'll be part of a dedicated team responsible for data analytics, business intelligence and the digital transition of the international business units and departments.


  • You're a PowerBI expert: proven track record and relevant experience will be discussed;
  • Stakeholder Management: due to complex and international environment, relevant experience in account- and/or stakeholdermanagement is needed;
  • International Data Consultant profile: You'll travel to local Private Banking entities (France, Germany and Belgium) to meet stakeholders, give presentations and advice manamagement several times a year;
  • Indepedent professional: you're capable of starting and finishing your own task and projects.


  • Primary deliverables: Operations reporting on strategic and operational level for our entities in France, Germany and Belgium;
  • Also involved with Process Mining: process management and analysis of business processes based on event logs.

And further…

  • Data infrastructure is suboptimal; therefore dealing with central and local (in the various countries) IT departments is part of your job;
  • Depending on capabilities extra tasks will be added to your responsibilites (possible Advanced Analytics and Data Science cases);
  • Person should be independent and capable of starting and finishing their own projects.

All in all, a challenging and interesting position within a dedicated and professional team with international scope. An opportunity to ignite your career within an international financial institution.

Please contact us for more information. We look forward to meeting you and discuss the possibilities at Interim Valley. Contributing to your personal and professional development is our mission. For more information please contact George Helderman ( / 06-42646653).


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