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Do you have the ambition to lead the way in the transition to a data-driven bank? Our client is constantly working on strengthening the data management capabilities and for that we are looking for Data Management Professionals.

Commercial Banking (CB) and Corporate Institutional Banking (CIB) have set up a joint service center, the Corporate Data Office (CDO). The Corporate Data Office oversees the data landscape of CIB and CB from data entry to data reporting for strategic purposes and for the various obligations to regulators. You work within CIB Processes & Control, but for both business lines CIB and CB.  You contribute to a data-driven organization where you constantly add value to the data for the bank and for customers.

Your main responsibility is safeguarding and managing data on behalf of the MT CIB and CB in all facets. CDO works together with departments within CIB and CB to correctly capture and use data, but also with departments such as Modeling and IT Grids.

You give data users access to our data; where you are a gatekeeper who guarantees that only the correct data is made available under specific conditions. You work within the CDO but you will work in a multidisciplinary team with business, modelling and application owners to achieve the goals.

The Corporate Data Office manages the data landscape of CIB and CB in terms of availability and quality of data, and thus contributes to the profile of CIB and CB of a data-driven organization. You are responsible for the quality and availability of the data and you work intensively with application owners within IT grids, modelling and data experts.

You contribute to the following results (data management capabilities):

1. Requirements management: challenge and interpret the data requirements

2. List of Golden sources and Business Data Modelling

a. Determine and capture the golden sources (including gap analysis) of the data attribute

b. Capture business definitions of (critical) data attributes

3. Data access management and Data Sharing agreement

a. Deliver a data sourcing planning together with application owners and stakeholders

b. Manage the process of the data delivery by the application owners in accordance with data requirements and approve the combined data sets based on unique keys

c. Together with data user set-up of a data sharing agreement in which it is determined which data may be used for what purposes

4. Data Lineage Management: manage the process of describing how a data attribute travels through the data landscape from the golden source to DIAL (Data Market Place).

5. DQ & Issue management

a. Analyse and search for possible solutions for data quality issues

b. Proactive advice to improve the reliability, efficiency and quality of data

c. Sign off on behalf of the data owner of the DQ issue report and data

You are an energetic person who is passionate about data in the combination of thinking and doing. You are a self-starter / initiator with good social skills. You work together and connect with your stakeholders within and outside of CIB and CB. You have very good communication skills and you know what is going on in your immediate work environment and in the rest of the organization. By working together within your department, IT grids (application owners), portfolio management and modelling, you are able to change the organization. Support in understandable, non-technical language is not a challenge for you. In addition, you get energy from transferring your expertise to others and you are interested in what you can learn from your colleagues with other expertise.

Interested? Check your profile:

  • You have a completed higher professional or university education;
  • Minimum 1-3 years relevant work experience as a data management professional with preference within a financial business services;
  • English language is a must (Dutch is useful but not necessary)
  • Affinity and/or experience with Data, Modelling, Risk Management, IT systems, Data models & architecture & design principle.
  • Knowledge of and experience with project management and the agile way of working.
  • You are accurate and ensure that details are correct and you document this properly.
  • Focused on collaboration, innovation and the achievement of goals.

Interested? Please contact Ruben Verkuijl (06-20474105 / for more information about the possibilities to work at Interim Valley for our client.


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