Remediation Officer

36 Amsterdam

Do you have the ambition to lead the way in the transition to a data-driven bank? Our client is constantly working on strengthening our data management capabilities. Therefore, we are looking for Remediation Officers.

This financial institution is constantly looking for ways to improve to manage their risks. Risk Models play a pivotal role in this. These models rely on accurate data. In the so called ‘Future Model Landscape’ Program, you will be part of the Remediation Team. This multidisciplinary team (with representatives of the Restructuring department, Business Lines, Modelling and Modelling Data Team), is responsible to collect and improve (‘remediate’) historical data for the purpose of credit risk model redevelopment.

The team retrieves the data from (historical) paper documents (such as loan documentation, validation reports, and credit reviews), databases and credit systems. Business and restructuring knowledge is added to this data to interpret the data and to improve the data to make it fit for model redevelopment activities. As an example, we want to retrieve information on clients that have faced financial difficulties. This information consists of data on timelines (e.g. when did the client start facing financial difficulties), but also information on the value of underlying collateral at a certain moment in time.

As a member of the Remediation Team you are responsible for analysing several paper documents (mostly credit proposals) to see if you can find missing data attributes and make connections with regards to collateral, interests and repayments. You will be part of a multidisciplinary project team that will be put in place for at least a year. We will work in an agile way, with clear timelines, deliverables and responsibilities.

You are an energetic person who is passionate about data in the combination of thinking and doing. You are a self-starter / initiator with good social skills. You work together and connect with multiple stakeholders within and outside of the Remediation Team. You have very good communication skills (also in writing) and you are able to connect the dots between data attributes and credit processes. In addition, you get energy from transferring your expertise to others and you are interested in what you can learn from your colleagues with other expertise. An excellent fit would be a candidate that has worked in Mid- or Front-office for SME or Corporate Clients or in restructuring and recovery departments.

  • You have a completed higher professional or university education;
  • minimum 2-3 years relevant work experience. An ideal candidate has worked with banking systems in the past and understand credit/ restructuring processes and loan documentation;
  • you are accurate and ensure that details are correct and you document your work properly;
  • dutch speaker;
  • ability to communicate and understand English and excellent communication skills is a must;
  • must be able to work well under pressure under tight deadlines;
  • affinity and/or experience with Data, Modelling, Risk Management, IT systems,
  • knowledge of and experience with project management is a pre;
  • focused on collaboration, innovation and the achievement of goals.


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