Remediation Officer

This financial institution is constantly looking for ways to improve to manage their risks. Risk Models play a pivotal role in this. These models rely on accurate data. In the so called ‘Future Model Landscape’ Program, you will be part of the Remediation Team. This multidisciplinary team (with representatives of the Restructuring department, Business Lines, Modelling and Modelling Data Team), is responsible to collect and improve (‘remediate’) historical data for the purpose of credit risk model redevelopment.

The team retrieves the data from (historical) paper documents (such as loan documentation, validation reports, and credit reviews), databases and credit systems. Business and restructuring knowledge is added to this data to interpret the data and to improve the data to make it fit for model redevelopment activities. As an example, we want to retrieve information on clients that have faced financial difficulties. This information consists of data on timelines (e.g. when did the client start facing financial difficulties), but also information on the value of underlying collateral at a certain moment in time.