From Rotterdam to Rome

For me, Live Your Potential is cycling from Rotterdam to Rome with 16 friends. 12 days of fun while cycling 200 kilometres per day. I have wonderful memories of this trip conducted in 2010.


I derived an enormous amount of energy from organising and planning this trip which we organised for KiKa, a children’s cancer charity. Making sure that everyone contributes to meeting the challenge of cycling around 2000km together. How far should we bike each day? Which mountain pass should we take to cross the Alps? This experience is synonymous with how I view life and a great metaphor for Live Your Potential. Because I’m always working on new initiatives and transforming these from a plan to reality. I’m driven to make things better, to do things better. Both professionally and in my private life. It’s hard for me to sit still.

How far should we bike each day? Which mountain pass should we take to cross the Alps?

Focus is my constant, whether I’m working for Interim Valley and RD Recruitment or for family and friends. The best result – that’s what I go for. And that flow feels fantastic to me. I don’t believe in working without focus. It doesn’t deliver quality.

To me, Live Your Potential means actively thinking about what gives me pleasure. Being critical towards yourself, so you can make smart and right choices in life. And doing the things that make me feel good, with the right focus and with a view to results.

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Before starting this podcast, Jeroen Broekema was CEO of Funding Circle Nederland. He started his career at ABN AMRO.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Our mission? To help you do this.

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