Our story

The best investment anyone can make is in themselves. Helping professionals we work with to do this is our mission. If someone knows their talents, what gives them energy and what drives them, they are more motivated and inspired. That’s what Interim Valley stands for.

Interim Valley was established in 2012 by Ruben Verkuijl and Diederik Veenhoven. We support organisations in filling positions in compliance, it security, trade finance and risk management. Our candidates work at banks and other financial institutions.

Our values

We run our business based on three values: personal, dedicated and expertise. These three values serve as a foundation and framework when you work with Interim Valley.

They also form a fundamental part of our ambition to allow Interim Valley to grow. We love hearing from people who see themselves working on the basis of these three values. Contact us here or directly through one of our team.


Interim Valley is personal. We listen, ask and advise. When you work with us, a personal approach is central.


Interim Valley is dedicated to its employees, candidates and partners. Our attitude is committed and involved.


Interim Valley is a leader in knowledge. We select for quality which is why we focus on several niches.

Our people

George Helderman

Consultant Data & Lending

020 2 444 953


Jasper van Groningen

Consultant Data & Lending

020 2 444 952


Christian de Vos

Commercial Manager Compliance

020 2 444 921


Mark Baerveldt

Consultant Compliance

020 2 444 923


Annemeike Jonk

Recruitment Manager Compliance

020 2 444 922


Live your Potential

Not tomorrow, but now

Not tomorrow, but now. A small, energetic baby in a loving family in Nieuw-Vennep. Adopted from Medellin, Colombia. As a baby curious, energetic and happy. As a toddler, always covered in bruises and bumps because I explore my physical limitations.

The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. Our mission? To help you do this.

If you know your talents, what gives you energy and what drives you, you are more motivated and inspired.