The Power of Full Engagement

By Schwarz and Loehr

Key Lessons from “The Power of Full Engagement”

  1.       Balance your life with good ratio between activity and rest
  2.       Emotions are more than just transient sensations
  3.       Your Mind reflects your inner state of being

Balance your life with good ratio between activity and rest

You cannot achieve anything if you feel tired, so everything starts in the body. Even if you are “modern corporate slave” bound to your desk with a boring job, you still need a lot of energy. Fundamentally the author is referring to breathing, doing some work, and eating.

Balance is the most important aspect, during a day the body requires physical activity but rest is equally important, so whenever you feel tired you should take a break.

According to “The Power of Full Engagement” the breakfast is crucial, and your body needs a healthy meal full of nutrients (minerals, vitamins, sugars) to start the day – the body must be filled with nutrients to perform its metabolic functions successfully.

Sometimes we forget that we need at least 2 liters of water a day, by the time you start feeling dizzy, you must react or risk dehydration.

Emotions are more than just transient sensations

Emotional are subtle phenomena that the human beings are privileged to understand and see. The energy expresses itself in anger, happiness, self-confidence, hate, self-discipline, love and empathy. The negative emotions which are directed towards another person are killing you from within.

Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal

Of course, life has its moments of frustration, fear, sadness but the point is not to get too pessimistic and depressed when they occur.

As an athlete builds its muscles, the same logic goes for expressing positive emotions and thoughts. People think that the concept “pleasure and happiness” is just some transient phenomena, but that is not true, it the life you’ve chosen!

Your Mind reflects your inner state of being

For a mind to function properly physical and emotional energy must be tuned as one. The mind interacts with these two; it suggests ideas based on our mental, physical and emotional state. Numerous studies have shown the correlation that exists between productive behavior and positive thinking; the result is the same as always – positive energy generates positive ideas.

Our fuel tank, so to speak, consists of 4 different sources of energy that help us fuel performance:

  • Physical: How’s your body doing? How’s your muscle to fat ratio? How does your nutrition look like? Are you getting enough quality sleep? Are you exercising regularly?
  • Emotional: How’s your emotional life doing? Do you feel positive emotions on a regular basis? Are you emotionally resilient? Or are your negative emotions running the show?
  • Mental: How’s your brain doing? Are you able to focus and concentrate for sustained periods of times? Or are you quickly losing focus and get distracted?
  • Spiritual: How’s your motivation doing? Do you have a purpose in life? And a clear set of values that drive your actions?

If you want to perform at your fullest potential, you have to optimize each of these 4 sources of energy.

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