Vision Manifesto

Our future vision is shaped by the opinions of all our colleagues. This future vision will inspire current and new colleagues to build a mission driven, meaningful and successful organization in the coming years.

Core Ideology: Core Purpose:
We improve people’s lives and have a positive impact on the world.

Core Ideology: Core Values:
We are personal. We are dedicated to improving lives and contributing to a better world. We
thrive on curiosity and constantly expanding our expertise.

Envisioned Future: BHAG

We are a purpose-driven, highly successful business that improves people’s lives. We inspire
and facilitate over half a million people to dream more, do more, learn more and become more.
Our community and activities have lasting, significant and positive impact on the world. We
contribute on a social, ecological, sustainable and economic level.

Envisioned Future: Vivid Description
In ten years we’ve reached, inspired, served and thus impacted over half a million lives. People
choose to work for us because they aspire to be strong, happy and healthy and strive for
interesting, successful and meaningful lives. We attract the best talent and future leaders in their
field with the challenging and fulfilling positions we offer. Organizations (start-ups, listed
companies, governmental, charity groups) work with us because of the spirit, dedication and
expertise of our people. We lead by example which positively impacts the organizations we work
for. Organizations choose to work with us because we help them to become more successful.
And through working with us these organizations contribute to a better world as well.

In ten years, more than 1,500 people work with, through and for us at 150 clients. Plus:

Our people experience pleasure at work and are energized and satisfied as a result of their
work. At our campus, business, leisure and outdoor activities are intertwined. We inspire and
help thousands of people to live more healthily through daily movement, reflection, optimism
and gratitude. All employees have lasting, positive impact on others and their environment
through their beliefs and behavior. We welcome 10,000 people onto our campus each year and
we inspire them on personal and professional levels. We have planted over 100,000 trees.

What this looks like in the next 10 years:


  • We have an impact team dedicated to improving lives and contributing to a better world
    (socially, ecologically, sustainably and economically)
  • All colleagues dedicate 50 hours a year on our impact projects/causes
  • Our events / symposia are leading and progressive
  • We quantify our impact: website, impact meter, included in employment agreement
  • We throw epic parties
  • We are the best employer people have had and will ever have

Live Your Potential:

  • We have scaled our LYP program (globally and train trainers) to [to be decided by our Impact team]
  • Our LYP program/activities is used by 100,000 people
  • We run LYP offsites [how often will be decided by our Impact team]
  • Our LYP Academy is gaining momentum in cooperation with TEDx / TED Talks or similar

Environment / sustainability / social welfare:

  • We organize beach clean-ups with 1,500 colleagues and more than 500 volunteers
    participating [how often will be decided by our Impact team]
  • We run a project [what kind of project (e.g. education, exercise, nourishment, self-awareness and goals  will be decided by our Impact team] at primary / secondary schools to improve lives
  • We partner with a food company to provide varied, healthy meals [to whom will be decided by our Impact team]
  • We help people with professional retraining and replacements (educational institution)
  • Our people help ignite the energy transition (cleantech companies)
  • We are fully circular and carbon positive (in accordance with the Paris Agreement 2015)
  • Our offices are circular and self-sustaining
  • We run an annual paid service day with entire community
  • We have composed our ‘Impact Principles’


  • We have a dedicated business unit to increase inclusivity aimed at achieving equality
  • Accelerated inclusivity program (accelerate personal careers towards C-level)


  • We sponsor and collaborate with a professional sports team
  • The first Dutch Data Academy alumni start in positions as CTO/CDO

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